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First Qatari man to summit Mount Everest and to climb the Seven Summits.
First Qatari, Mount Everest, Entrepreneur, Qatar's royal family, Mountaineer, Brand ambassador for Reach Out To Asia, Founder of, Sharjah Paintball Park, Grab n’ Go, Al Nawras Hospitality, Tamween Catering
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Just after breakfast we enjoyed a 3hr drive to Talkeetna where we were welcomed by a family who own a cottage where we will spend the night. The weather was beautiful, sunny and clear skies. I can only pray for the same weather on Denali. We all went through our luggage adjusting them a bit, separating street clothes from climbing gear. 

We then were invited to Tod’s home, the owner of Alpine Acsents the company I’m climbing with. He has a beautiful home with the mountain range view on his porch. We spent some time catching up with Tod, last time I saw him was on Everest.

Soon later we had to go back for dinner where we met Willie and Damian Benegas our guides for the trip. Both of them climbed Everest numerous times and are two of the strongest guides there are. We are extremely lucky to have them. Discussing team plans and mountain stories while enjoying a traditional Alaskan meal.

We had to sleep early as tomorrow is the day I hit the ice. We should fly out around mid day and from there onwards I will be sending audio blogs as there is almost no internet.

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Last day in Seattle, we had a 10:00am flight so had to leave the hotel at 8:00am. We had to say goodbye to AJ who came to see us off from Canada. For some reason I felt the flight was too long, I wanted to land and see Alaska it’s one of those places that I always wanted to visit.

The place is very quite and peaceful, we finally met with our fourth climber Suzanne in the hotel went to a few mountaineering shops. Nevee ending last min items. We keep remembering small items here and there. We just catched up on sleep and didn’t do much. The few days ahead of us will be hard and we can use all the sleep we get

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The Starbucks City

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Waking up at 5:00am, the city looks so beautiful and peaceful. Wanted to have breakfast in the hotel but apparently you can only have breakfast at the Starbucks in the lobby. So I did.

Later on went for my last workout, I have been training really hard the past few months and it all came to this last day. I trained hard, but not pushing my self as its not the time to risk any injuries. I did an hour higher intensity elliptical which was the closest machine the gym had to a stair climber.

I have a lot of last min things to do, I’m going to keep charging my electronics and updating my iPod for Alaska here in Seattle I must cross some things off my bucket list.

First thing to cross was Featherd Friends, it’s a Seattle based company that specializes in down suits. All their products are handmade and one of the best in the world. I had to get something from them, so I bought a mid layer down jacket that will keep my warm at camps.

The second thing we couldn’t miss was the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. That was really impressive some of the coffee beans was exclusive to them. They also roast it in front of you. Such an experience.

We spent the rest of the day walking around downtown and the ripe market.

Tomorrow our flight is at 10am to Anchorage, and two days until we hit the mountain. Need all the sleep I can get.

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Day one…

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Last minute packing as always, I had over 15 things on my todo list. Sync iPod, char he camera, test blog, set alarm at 5:00am don’t forget your jacket… So you can imagine I was thinking of all the little things and make sure I didn’t forget anything. So I ended up not sleeping also partly because I’m so excited to finally climb my 7th Summit.

Flight is at 9:35am had to leave Sharjah by 6:00am to avoid the traffic, so I had a lot of time to spare. Mean while Masoud landed from Tehran at 6:30am, Masoud being Masoud he has to cause drama in the airport. He decided to leave the airport go to his house on SZR pickup his climbing gear, showe and then come back to the airport to checking for the Seattle flight. Knowing that there is double the security checks to the US flights, I offered that I will pick his bags up and drop check them in so he doesn’t need to. But it’s useless to agree with Masoud. If he doesn’t make I’ll have the tent all for my self ???? 

Raed is already in the Sates and will meet us in Seattle. Suzanne is the fourth member on the team who will meet in Alaska on the 10th.

Just minutes before takeoff Masoud decides to show up so now I’m back to sharing a tent with him. It a 14.5 hour flight and I tried my best to sleep as much as I can.  But as usual there was min sleep.

5 movies and 2 meals later we landed in Seattle at around 12:30pm. Thus having the whole day infront of us. AJ our friend and fellow mountain climber came to see us off from Canada and Raed arrived at 4:30pm se we spent the rest of the day catching up.

We did manage to visit the original Starbucks on Pime Place that opened in 1971. You know the saying Starbucks at every corner? That doesn’t apply in Seattle it’s 2 Starbucks at every corner here. We had to have coffe from there before calling it a night. Due to jetlag we retired for the night at 8:30pm

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All Packed and Good to Go!

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I have finally packed, and triple checked I have everything I need for my next Expedition to Mount Denali in Alaska.

Denali is 6,190m above sea level and considered the highest mountain in North America. It will hopefully be my last of my 7 Summits challenged that I had set to do back in 2009. Along with my friends Suzanne Al Houby, Raed Zidan, and Masoud Mohammed we will be heading out to Seattle in the morning to commence our journey. We have been working very hard the past few months, pushing our limits even further. I will do my very best to keep you all updated with our journey, it wont be easy as the only way of reaching you is thru satellite phone.

So it begins…





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