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Mount Everest Archives - Moe Al Thani
First Qatari man to summit Mount Everest and to climb the Seven Summits.
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Mount Everest

Resting at Camp 2

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Arabs With Altitude descended the Lhotse Face this morning and are now resting comfortably at Camp 2. The team reports being in high spirits after yesterday’s summit.

Tomorrow morning the team will walk down to Base Camp and, weather permitting, take a helicopter to Kathmandu.

After two months on the mountain, everyone is looking forward to a hot shower, warm bed, and getting back to sea level!

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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Safely Back at the South Col

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All climbers, guides, and Sherpa have returned safely to their tents at the South Col. It was a grueling day of climbing, and the team is now resting, hydrating, and recuperating.

They will spend the night at the South Col, sleeping on oxygen. Tomorrow they’ll head to Camp 2.

It was an historic day that all of us at Base Camp are celebrating. We look forward to reuniting with the team in the next couple days.

Thanks again for your support!

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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The Summit!

  |   7Summits, Mount Everest   |   8 Comments

Arabs With Altitude are standing on top of the world.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, Raed Zidan, and Masoud Mohammed, three friends whose mission to climb Everest began four years ago, arrived on the Summit together at 10:00AM, May 22nd. They are the only team currently at the Summit, and they are enjoying having the view from the top of the world all to themselves.

They were led to the Summit by guides Michael Horst and Vern Tejas. The team was filmed along the way by cameraman and friend Elia Saikaly. And they couldn’t have completed the climb without the help of their summit Sherpa, Kami Rita, Phur Temba, Ang Pemba, Lakpa Nuru, Namwang Jangbu, Fura Kancha, and Passang Kajee.

It was a historic climb for Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, as he became the first Qatari to climb Everest. Likewise for Raed Zidan who became the first Palestinian man to reach the Summit.

The team wishes to thank all their family and friends who supported them along the way and helped make their dream become a reality. They could not have done it without you, and they thank you!

Now begins their descent back to Camp 4 at the South Col. I’ll continue to post updates of their progress as they head down the mountain and begin their journey home.

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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Arabs With Altitude Are at the South Summit

  |   7Summits, Mount Everest   |   4 Comments

Arabs With Altitude have reached the South Summit of Mt. Everest. They now stand only 100 meters beneath the top of the world!

Lead Guide Michael Horst says that all climbers are doing well.

They’ll now traverse the Hillary Step, at which point the Summit itself should come into view just 50 meters away.

The weather conditions are absolutely perfect–a crisp, clear blue sky with nary a cloud in sight, and wind speeds hovering around 20 miles per hour.

The next update will come from the Summit of Mt. Everest in roughly 2 hours.

Stay tuned!

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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Arabs With Altitude Are at The Balcony

  |   7Summits, Mount Everest   |   1 Comment

Arabs With Altitude lead guide Michael Horst just checked in from The Balcony on Everest at 8,300m.

He reports all climbers are moving “smooth and steady” and that the push to the summit is going well.

They are now headed for the South Summit at nearly 8700m. Then it’ll be onward to the Hillary Step, and finally the Summit itself!

The next update will come when the team is at the South Summit in approximately 4-5 hours.

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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The Summit Push Is On

  |   7Summits, Mount Everest   |   6 Comments

At 10pm sharp Arabs With Altitude began their final push to the summit of Mt. Everest.

Lead Guide Michael Horst reported the weather conditions as “pretty close to perfect” as they walked out of their tents in the South Col and started their all-night journey to 8,848 meters. The sky is clear. The stars are out. Temperatures are moderate. And the wind is calm.

Good luck to the team, the guides, and the Sherpas!

Next update will come when the team reaches The Balcony after approximately 3-4 hours of climbing.

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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Preparing for the Summit

  |   7Summits, Mount Everest   |   1 Comment

Arabs With Altitude reached Camp 4 yesterday. They’re feeling good and resting at 7900 meters with a stunning view of Everest from their tent window.

The expedition has spent the past 24 hours analyzing weather conditions for a summit climb. The forecast is favorable, with winds in the 15-25 mile per hour range. Although gusts could exceed 30 miles per hour, these wind conditions are manageable for a summit push. The temperature should be around -20 C, surprisingly warm for 8000+ meters.

The team is preparing to wake up tonight at 8:30pm, eat “breakfast,” and depart for the summit at 10pm. There’s still a chance the plan will change, but as of right now, the team is looking to stand on the top of the world the morning of May 22nd.

Earlier today Moe posted an audio update from the South Col. It’s funny and heartfelt, and definitely worth listening to. Click here to listen.

Once the climb begins I’ll be posting updates to the blog every few hours. Stay tuned and wish the team luck on making their dream a reality.

-Adam Sobel from Base Camp

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