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Everest Base Camp - Moe Al Thani
First Qatari man to summit Mount Everest and to climb the Seven Summits.
First Qatari, Mount Everest, Entrepreneur, Qatar's royal family, Mountaineer, Brand ambassador for Reach Out To Asia, Founder of, Sharjah Paintball Park, Grab n’ Go, Al Nawras Hospitality, Tamween Catering
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Everest Base Camp

BaseCampMount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is located in between the borders of Nepal and China. A favourite destination amongst mountaineers, it is also one of the most dangerous in terms of technical climbing. The Everest Base Camp trek is a challenging trek that has been taken up by mountaineers worldwide. It was on one of my river rafting adventures in Nepal that I got a glimpse of this tall statement of nature. Since then, I have been nurturing the dream to scale it; which someday, I will. But for now I must test my skills on the mini version of the big dream – Mount Everest Base Camp. Being my first ever climbing experience, reaching up to Mount Everest Base Camp was a tough ask. I learnt one of my first lessons in mountain climbing here…The higher the altitude, the more difficult it is to breathe up there. It is one of the those times when you do not want to talk to any one and even if you do, you end up snapping, because that is how nerve wrecking it can get.

The only thing that loosened me up a little was that I had my friend for company and we were in the same boat. Upon reaching our destination, I went on a picture clicking frenzy for as little as 30 minutes absorbing-in whatever I could, as though that was all I had climbed all the way up for. But it’s on the way back that I realized it’s never the destination; it’s always about the journey – because even though it seemed so difficult back then, going back through memory lane makes it so much more satisfying and meaningful.


On my way up all I thought about was the ‘top’. On my way down – all my thoughts were about the climb in retrospect about my life…