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Moe Al Thani | Mount Kilimanjaro
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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount_KilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa elevated at 5,895 meters, (19,340 feet) and called the “snow-mountain of greatness” by the Swahili of the coast. It is the Everest of Africa, with its summit close to the altitude of Mt. Everest’s base camp. It’s an extinct volcano, and its summit crater is known as Kibo. The highest point is Uhuru Peak on the volcano Kibo. The ascent features a magnificent diversity of flora and fauna with climatic extremes, from rain in the forest, intense sun in the alpine desert and freezing temperatures at the summit.The weather that constantly changes, (5 climatic zones prior to reaching the summit), and the high altitude have an impact on the mind and the body. The acclimatization to the high altitude is thus crucial for a successful ascent. Kilimanjaro is the best way to begin with the 7-summits adventure.